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Private Office Space

  Register online for private office use.  Large screen monitor, fast speed internet, desk, conference table, and comfortable seating.  Green wall for streaming purposes as needed.

Room is reserved per day at $50.00 day. Reserve 4 or more days in a month for just $25.00 per day. The facility can be accessed 6:00am until 7:00pm. Contact us to reserve outside of those hours. 

Flex Shared Office Space

Our flex office spaces provide a quiet place for our members to get work done.  With 24/7 access and high-speed internet, our flex space provides a great second office when working from home just isn't working out.  Flex office space is available to all of our members and can be reserved for private meetings.  Like to golf?  Golf course is only a few miles away, so work in our office and hit the driving range or course before heading home!  (Stonebridge Golf Course)