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Donna Maria is an attorney, author, podcaster, and the founder and CEO of the India Business Network, a fast-growing entrepreneurial leadership and training company.  With a beloved industry podcast called Indie Business Podcast, beloved virtual mentoring and coaching, and premier group coaching program, her business reaches thousands every month.

She is an influential voice on American Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs, as well as leadership, business growth, goal setting and productivity.

Donna Maria lives in Union County with her family.  Her mission, personality and professionally, is to empower women to maximize their potential through small business ownership.


Matthew Greene was born and raised in Union County.  He grew up in a home right outside of Waxhaw, along with his sister and parents, Lynn and Annette Greene.  After graduation from Union Academy, Matthew went on to serve Union County as a Deputy Sheriff and later as an active duty soldier in the US Army.  After being honorably discharged from the army he wanted to own a business and still be able to serve the county and help others.  This decision is what let Matthew become not only an insurance agent, but to own his own agency.  Like his late grandfather, Cody Helms, who owned a construction business in the county for 20 years, Matthew enjoys showing others that there is still a good, local, hometown insurance agency in Union County.  He believes in giving his clients multiple options while keeping honesty, trust, and astute agent/client communication as the foundation of his agency.


Yorda Kidane

Chris Kelley-Chris is with Control 1 Communications.  They provide IP, video, and audio transmission services to a variety of sports broadcasters, news organizations, and corporate clients.

Christine Wiedenfeld-Health and Wellness Coach     Most Epic Life LLC


Mark Walser-Appraisal Management

Anthony Caputi-Managing Director of Ezekiel   704-806-8499

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