Become A Sponsor

Does your company or organization want to reach small businesses and entrepreneurs in the local community?  Learn how sponsorship with the Union County Entrepreneurs can help grow solid partnerships. 


We are a 501.c6 non-profit dedicated to the success or our members and our sponsors.

2020 Sponsorship Levels

Union County Entrepreneurs

Strategic Sponsor-$1200.00 (per calendar year)

You are a Strategic partner of the Union County Entrepreneurs (UCE) and are front and center in our message to our members and the community-we can’t do what we do without you! As such, you will enjoy these AMAZING benefits:

  • Logo on all printed brochures & promotional items

  • Large Font Logo on website with hyperlink to your website

  • Logo on window space at the “Strategic” Level

  • Announced at UCE sponsored events with your brief (1-2 minute) introduction to your business

  • Logo on Powerpoint presentations for UCE sponsored events

  • Table for Marketing at each UCE sponsored event (sponsor responsibility)


Compass Sponsor- $500.00 (per calendar year)

You are in alignment with our members and help map our direction. We stay on course with your support and you get some great benefits...a Win-Win:

  • Regular sized Logo on website with hyperlink to your website

  • Logo on window space at the “Compass” Level

  • Mentioned at UCE sponsored events

  • Logo on printed UCE items


“Terrific Tuesday” Sponsor- $100 (per event)

This once a month event is growing and so will your exposure. Be an event sponsor and you will get the following:

  • Logo on the Powerpoint for the event (page shared by all event Sponsors)

  • Logo on website as “Terrific Tuesday” Sponsor (for that event only)

  • Distribute printed collateral or swag to attendees

  • Brief (3-minute max) infomercial/elevator speech at the beginning of the event

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