Grow Your Business with UNION COUNTY ENTREPRENEURS 2021 Membership


Our membership is designed to provide BIG value to small business
and solo entrepreneurs 


Sure there are other local business associations, but are they truly focused on your success as an entrepreneur?


Do they offer a physical location for you to work and meet clients or a physical business mailing address

What if you have technical questions about setting up your business online?  Will your organization guide you and offer technical advice and assistance and keep you moving forward?

If your business association doesn't offer these benefits - isn't it about time you joined the UCE?

Since 2012, we have been listening to small business owners and solopreneurs to create a local organization that not only provides networking opportunities but all the benefits that small and new businesses need -  and all under one roof.

From the moment you join, your member benefits will start working for you.

Union County Entrepreneurs is a 501c6 non-profit organization designed by local entrepreneurs to focus on providing a community of like-minded individuals with BIG IDEAS and BIG DREAMS with unmatched tools and resources.  With our newly redesigned space and business canvas, Union County Entrepreneurs is poised to become the premier organization for local entrepreneurs in the heart of Union County.


  • A flex work desk and one-on-one meeting space with social distance guidelines compliance

  • Kitchenette area with table, refrigerator, microwave, coffee, tea, etc. 

  • Business Mailing Address with Post Office in Walking Distance

  • Physical location to work and meet clients 

  • Free high-speed Internet

  • Access to technology assistance

  • All New Incubation housed inside Community Maker Hub with access for creating for resale, personal use, relaxation or just to step into the creative side of your mind for an hour or more.  Maybe you want to teach classes in the arts, use a commercial sewing machine for leather or heavy fabrics, design on the Cricket, make some stunning jewelry or try your hand at the 3-D printer!  All this can be found housed in the UCE along with several other new startups in the shopping strip.  

Become part of the NEW NETWORKING for Entrepreneurs being built by the UCE Board.  

COST is at its lowest and will fit your budget!  There is no charge to just join in our new Networking Group and be listed on our site for the rest of 2021.  No matter where you are in Union County we have plans to expand to your area!  Give us a call and let's get started.  One building block at a time!  

Need to use the office or any of the above mentioned physical location perks, give us a call and we will discuss what works best for you.  We are here to help you mold your future, not you molding ours.  It is a different world and entrepreneurs in Union County are ready to tackle the challenge!  Our new leadership will bring you into 2022 with many new friends and opportunities!




  • VIRTUAL OFFICE with MAILING ADDRESS- $10/mo or $100/yr if paid annually

  • SHARED OFFICE SPACE with MAILING ADDRESS $75/week or $225/month

  • SPONSORSHIP (non entrepreneurs)- $50/yr

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and learn about the all new UCE memberships.


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2022 Sponsorship Opportunities
for Entrepreneur Supporters

Strategic Sponsor-$1200.00 (per calendar year)

You are a Strategic partner of the Union County Entrepreneurs (UCE) and are front and center in our message to our members and the community-we can’t do what we do without you! As such, you will enjoy these AMAZING benefits:

  • Logo on all printed brochures & promotional items

  • Large Font Logo on website with hyperlink to your website

  • Logo on window space at the “Strategic” Level

  • Announced at UCE sponsored events with your brief (1-2 minute) introduction to your business

  • Logo on Powerpoint presentations for UCE sponsored events

  • Table for Marketing at each UCE sponsored event (sponsor responsibility)


Compass Sponsor- $500.00 (per calendar year)

You are in alignment with our members and help map our direction. We stay on course with your support and you get some great benefits...a Win-Win:

  • Regular sized Logo on website with hyperlink to your website

  • Logo on window space at the “Compass” Level

  • Mentioned at UCE sponsored events

  • Logo on printed UCE items


Networking Event Sponsor- starting at $50

per event

Monthly and quarterly events give our supporters a range of opportunities to make an impact. As an event sponsor and you will get the following:

  • Logo on print and email communications weeks before the event

  • Logo on website and social media posts announcing the event

  • Distribute printed collateral or swag to attendees

  • Booth space at larger events

  • Brief (3-minute max) infomercial/elevator speech at the beginning of the event

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